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Procaine hydrochloride 0.1000g, Benzoic acid 0.0060g, Potassium metabisulfite 0.0050g, Disodium phosphate 0.0005g. Either in 10x5ml ampoules or 60 x 100mg tablets.

The complex effects of Gerovital H3 are due to its activity both at the level of the central and neurovegetative nervous systems, and at the level of the cells, through the stimulation of tissues regeneration and the improvement of metabolic processes, the product has also been proved to act in the oxidation reduction phenomena of the cell. By its eutrophic action, the product maintains the equilibrium of the cortical processes and ensures the normal activity of the nervous system. Gerovital H3 exerts an antiacetylcholinic, sympatholic, antihistamine and antiallergic effect, the product decreases the excitability of the striated muscles; it also acts as a spasmolytic, antifibrillary, vasodilating, diuretic and lipotropic agent.

Preventative and curative treatment of old age phenomena. It is also indicated in tropic disorders, neuritis, cerebral and peripheral arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spondylosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, neurodermitis, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, sclederma and vitiligo.

Specific allergy to procaine (individual tolerance will be tested).

Adverse Reactions:
No adverse reactions have been recorded. With procaine sensitive persons, the following phenomena may however appear; cephalea, shaking, bradycardia or tachycardia, motor or psycic restlessness, allergic reactions.

Gerovital H3 should not be administered simultaneously with sulphonamides (inactivation), eserine or prostigmine.

Dosages and Administration:
Preventative treatment of old age phenomena; Per Os- 2 tablets daily, two or three hours after meals, over a period of 12 days. The treatment should be repeated after a one month break. Parentally; 1 intramuscular injection three times a week, over a period of 4 weeks. The treatment should be repeated after an intermission of 1 to 2 months. The association of both methods of administration is recommended.
- 4 series of injections (3 per week, a total of 12 ampoules); 30 days break; 4 series of tablets (2 daily for 12 days). After 24 days of intermission a new course of treatment may be begun.
- The curative treatment is generally, a long term one; 1 intramuscular injection 3 times a week (12 injections per month). After a 10 day break the treatment should be resumed. The series of injections could be alternated with the oral treatment; 6 series of injections and 5 series of tablets, with 10 day intermissions between the courses.
- In arthritis, Gerovital H3 may be administered intraarterially or both intra and periartially.
- In arthrosis, it may be administered intraarticulary and periarticulary.
- In asthma and vasospasm, 1 ampoule can be administered daily, in slow intravenous injection there will be a 2 or 3 courses of 12 injections, with 7 day breaks between them.
- In cases of advanced old age phenomena, the parental treatment alone is recommended.

Storage: At room temperature, protected from light and humidity.

The use of the product should only take place under the guidance of a physician.
- Children must not use them and they must be kept away from them.
- Lactating women (breast feeding) must not use them. Women who are pregnant or believe they may be, or wish to become pregnant must not use them.
- Ultimately any individual who is currently taking another medication will have to seek the advice of their own physician before embarking on a course of the product.
- Any person already suffering from any serious medical disorders must consult their own physicians before embarking on the use of the product, in particular this applies to persons suffering from any of the following; EPILEPSY, HEART CONDITIONS, BLOOD CONDITIONS, KIDNEY PROBLEMS, LIVER PROBLEMS.

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